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The Undersigned

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  1. That at this moment more than 1,7 million children have no or limited access to education,
  2. That these children without education are a ticking time bomb,
  3. That these children can’t help that,
  4. That they suffer from this now and in the future. It leads to growing criminality, child labor, trafficking in women and economic damage,
  5. That these children will become a lost generation; no education no future.

Calls on
  1. The Dutch government to give a guarantee that every child on Dutch soil will have a gapless access to education,
  2. The Dutch government, as a member of the European Union (EU), will make efforts to insure that all children in the EU will have guaranteed access to education,
  3. The Dutch to put this issue at the top of the agenda both in The Hague and in Brussels. 

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Why this petition is necessary

In many countries of Europe, including the Netherlands, the situation is very grim for young children.  Nearly two million children do not go to school. They roam the streets and are bored in refugee camps! The war and poverty have robbed them of their youth. These children have to go to school!
An example is the story of ten-year-old Jami from Afghanistan. Jami is only 10 years old and has already spent six months on the road. He sleeps in an abandoned factory behind the train station in Belgrade, on a dirty mattress, between the rats. "It's better here than in Bulgaria," says Jami, "there I was beaten by the police”.
The story of Jami is the story of hundreds of thousands of children in Asia, Europe and northern Africa.
Enough is enough!

The educators and supporters of education in the Netherlands have initiated a petition imploring the Dutch government to take steps to insure that ALL children in Holland have access to a gapless education.  Furthermore, they are urging the Dutch government to work with the other nations of the European Union (EU) to make this access universal for all students in the EU.
You can help this noteworthy initiative by signing the enclosed petition as a statement that you feel that this is an important mission to undertake in the Netherlands, in the European Union and around the world!
The World Education Forum NL is part of the global initiative of the World Education Forum. By signing the petition you also support access to education for all children in the world.

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Ton Duif
President of the World Education Forum

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